Nahid KholghiNahid Kholghi – Makeup Artist

After enjoying many years of competitive dancing as a teenager I recognised my passion for makeup and art.

Fascinated by changing the look of performers, I  studied at the famous German makeup academy “die maske”, where I also did advanced training to become a lecturer for makeup and special effects.

This was the ideal foundation for the following 12 years working in the media industry and teaching my students.

My main priority for my job is finding the right balance between enhancing natural beauty and applying effective makeup techniques. A great deal of empathy helps me to boost customer´s self-confidence in their appearance.

After working in Germany, the USA, and Africa, I am happy to offer my service in the Byron Bay area, Brisbane and Sydney, Australia.

I see myself as a very enthusiastic and passionate person with a good sense of human nature. This makes it easy to find out my client´s expectations.

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Clients (et al):

Porsche Design, www.porsche-design.com,
Mercedes, www.mercedes-benz.de,
Citroen, www.citroen.de,
Sony, www.sony.de,

TV-Stations *04/2007-today:

ProSieben, www.prosieben.de,
RTL, www.rtl.de,
RTL2, www.rtl2.de,
Sat1, www.sat1.de,
VOX, www.vox.de,
WDR, www.wdr.de,
NDR, www.ndr.de,
N-TV, www.n-tv.de,
QVC Germany, www.qvc.de,

Production Companies *04/2007-today:

Brainpool TV Ltd., www.brainpool.de,
ITV Studios Germany Ltd., www.itv.com,
Warner Bros. Intern. TV, www.wbitvp.com,
Endemol Shine Germany, www.endemolshine.de,
MMC Studios, Germany, www.mmc.de,
Universal Music, Germany, www.universal-music.de

Celebrities (et al) *2007-today international artists:

2007 Pierce Brosnan,
2007 Nicolas Cage,
2008 Kylie Minogue,
2009 Jermaine Jackson,
2012 Orlando Bloom,
2013 Katy Perry

German Artists:

Moritz Bleibtreu,
Xavier Naidoo,
Stefan Raab,
Luke Mockridge,
Steffen Henssler,
Mark Forster,
Tom Beck

Lecturer for Makeup Artists & Hairstyling *2007-2016:

Academy, “die maske”, Cologne, Germany, www.die-maske.com
Lecturer and examiner for TV, Photo Makeup, Special Effects, and Bridal Makeup

Coach for Shiseido Makeup Artist Team Germany
Academy, Shiseido, Düsseldorf, Germany, www.shiseido.de

Photographer (et al) *2007-today

Elsa Dillon, @elsadillonphotographer
Dave Blake, www.daveblake.com.au
Florian Kolmer, www.floriankolmer.com,
Boris Breuer, www.borisbreuer.com,
Valery Kloubert, www.kloubert.com,
Ralph Wentz, www.rawphotography.net,
Sascha Kreklau, www.saschakreklau.de,

Cosmetic Brands *2006-2013:

MAC Cosmetics (Estee Lauder Companies), Germany, www.maccosmetics.de,
Shiseido, www.shiseidogroup.com,
Maybelline (L´Oreal), Germany, www.maybelline.de,
Lancome (L´Oreal), Germany, www.lancome.de,
La Roche Posay (L´Oreal), Germany, www.larocheposay.de

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